How many coats do I need?

During the past 25 plus years I have been asked this question multiple times.  It makes sense a true painting professional will recommend the number of coats needed for your situation.  Many variables attribute to the answer to this.

Simply put two questions you will need to ask your self is what am I painting over and what is the new color and product?   A dark color often needs a primer and then two top coats.  Whereas, if you are top coating over the same color then you will only need one, that is assuming the paint has not faded.  The same principal is true for light over dark obviously if painting over a chocolate brown, deep burgundy or red a primer is advised followed by two top coats.

Other situations such as smoke or crayons may need an oil primer or shellac to completely kill the odor or block out the creative artwork.  We often get this question from our customers, “the new paint I chose is dark will that cover the current color in one?”  The answer is not always sometimes certain paints have low-hide hues in them, these hues do not cover in one.  Certain colors like red or yellow even some pastels contain these hues.

Carl’s Painting always recommends two coats and a primer when necessary. We determine during the estimate phase of your painting. For a free quote to beatify and protect your space call Carl’s Painting at 414-531-6848.